SUMMER:  July 1-3 (Wed-Fri), July 6-10 (5 days),  July 14-17 (Tues-Fri), Weeks beginning July 20, 27, August 3, 10

1. This will be the 27th year of our Easter and summer programmes for children, we are the longest-running summer camp in Northern Ireland. We are delighted to have Campbell’s excellent facilities available for our courses again this year and I am confident that all parents and children will be happy with the high standard of our courses and the efficiency of our supervision.

2. This year the early supervision and late collection facilities will be in the Key Stage 1 building in Campbell. For parents not familiar with the school, turn left past the security barrier just after the main entrance, park and walk over to the building. Children enrolled for early supervision which begins at 8.30am will be offered cereal, milk and fresh fruit, available until 9.00am.

3. Superkids and Super 4s will also be based in the Key Stage 1 building in Campbell. For parents not familiar with the school, turn left past the security barrier just after the main entrance, park and walk over to the building. We can accept Superkids and Super 4s in the building at 9.15 after the older children in early supervision leave for their venue. Please do not bring Superkids or Super 4s to the Key Stage 1 building before 9.15 unless they have been enrolled for early supervision.

4. Older children (age 7 -15) will be based in the Long Field sports pavilion. To access the car park follow the road to the main red-brick building, turn right and drive a short distance down the slope, then turn right into the car park. Please do not attempt to drive your car closer to the pavilion either morning or afternoon.

5. Enrolment for older children is available from 9.15 on the first morning and from 9.30am for the rest of the week. If you are bringing an older child and a Superkid (age 5-6) or a Super 4, it is probably best to enrol the younger child first before making the longer journey to the second car park.

6. It is essential that whoever is responsible for delivering and collecting the children each day is aware that all courses at Campbell begin at 9.15 and finish at 4.00pm. We cannot be responsible for children outside these times unless the early or late  supervision facilities (8.30-9.15am and 4.00-5.00) have been pre-booked.

7. Sports Week participants should come dressed each day in appropriate attire and bring:

  • Packed lunch, if required, and drinks
  • Tennis racket, if possible (optional for Superkids).
  • Superkids should have Velcro shoes and an art apron, if possible.
  • Waterproof or shower proof garment
  • Indoor shoes for Sports Hall
  • Sunscreen
  • Peaked cap (if sunny and warm)
  • Swimming gear and towel.

N.B. In the interests of any children attending who may have a peanut allergy, please do not include any food with a peanut content in your child’s snack or lunch. 

8. Our popular BBQ will be available once again for tasty hot food at lunch time.
Prices are: hot dog £1.30, burger £1.60, cheeseburger £1.70, and chicken burger £1.80.
All are served with bread rolls, and sauces are available. Food can be ordered each morning, or for the whole week at the time of enrolment on the first morning.

9. Activities will progress irrespective of weather conditions. We will be able to use Sports Halls in case of persistent rain, although outdoor activities will continue in light rain. We will also use the Sports Halls for basketball, badminton, and indoor football, so the indoor shoes listed in No.4 above are essential.

10. Money and valuables may be left in the Sports Week office each morning. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, the property of participants.

11. During each Sports Week, it will be possible to contact me with an important message on my mobile telephone between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. each day – the number is 07767 271144. For routine enquiries, please leave a message on my office telephone – (02897) 541752 and I will return your call at the end of the day.

If you have any further queries before the Sports Week begins, you can contact me by letter, telephone, text, or e-mail.

Thank you for booking a course at Campbell this year.