Risk Assessment Policy

Risk Assessment Policy for Paul Acheson Easter & Summer Sports Weeks 2022
The Risk Assessment Policy here is a guide for parents and may be added to or refined before any courses begin.
  • We will be using a number of buildings in Campbell, children in each will not come into contact with other groups.
  • We would ask parents not to enter any of the buildings. Information about delivering and collecting children will be provided later, including information about early collection.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance of every room.
  • A cleaning regime for toilet facilities will be in place with particular attention to door handles, toilets and locks.
  • Children will be asked to wash hands frequently, especially before consuming food and after toilet use. Handwashing facilities will be cleaned regularly, and soap and sanitiser levels checked.
  • Suitable and sufficient rubbish bins for hand towels will be provided with regular removal and disposal.
  • Drinking water will be available with enhanced cleaning measures of the tap mechanism, and with the use of disposable cups. However, children will be encouraged to bring their own drinking water.
  • All tables, worktops, chairs, and equipment will be sanitised after use. This also applies after lunch and breaks, with a deeper clean at the end of the day when surface sanitiser will be supplied.

All of the above will be in place to ensure the safety and health of the children and staff throughout Easter and summer. Please also note that the swimming pool will not be in use.

Please contact me on 07767 271144 if you have any comments, concerns, or queries.

Paul Acheson – January 2022