Super 4s : Age 4 Years

Super 4s – (Age 4)


Our Super 4s programme is designed to let energetic 4 year olds play and have fun. Under the care of a fully qualified and experienced nursery or primary school teacher, the children will be based in their own special area in the Campbell College Junior School  surrounded by a variety of play equipment to help them develop as children, stretch their imagination, and make lots of new friends.

Inside and Outside

There’s lots of fresh air and exercise as the Super 4s explore a range of outdoor activities. There will be outdoor games and nature trails with activity time kept short to acknowledge the attention level of this age group. These activities will be balanced with indoor relaxation, with quieter moments devoted to art work, story telling, and gentle indoor games played out in a safe and familiar environment.


The Super 4s will have a chance to swim each day in a short session devoted entirely to their group. They will have a gentle introduction to the shallow end of the pool, under the watchful eye of our qualified swimming instructor. All Super 4s staff will be present throughout the session, with at least one member of staff joining the children in the water to ensure safety. There will be a chance for the more adventurous to try a few swim strokes, but the session is aimed mainly at introducing the children to water and helping them build confidence.

Staff you can depend on

Our staff will aim to let the Super 4s experience an enjoyable and stimulating day, and will be aware of a child’s need to feel happy and safe until home time. We will have a ratio of 1:6 for the Super 4s for reasons of safety, and to recognise the special needs of our youngest campers. In addition to their qualified leader, the Super 4s will feel confident and happy with staff who provide the personal attention they need.


Super 4s will be at Campbell College.


July 2, 16, 23, 30  August  6, 13