Art Drama Sport


If you enjoy working with your hands and like designing and creating all sorts of things, and are fond of sharing ideas with other boys and girls in a drama group, then this programme is designed specially for you. Its combination of art & crafts with drama and some sport has proved to be very popular in recent years.

Your four sessions a day work out as one for art & craft, one for drama and two for sport so that you can enjoy some fresh air during the day.


  • Role Play
  • Performing Arts
  • Improvisation
  • Theatre Games
  • Painting
  • Design
  • Clay Modelling
  • Card Making
  • Sporting activities from Sports 7-14 years Programme


Your tutor for art & crafts has been specially chosen for the experience they have gained to help make your creative sessions as stimulating and interesting as possible. Your drama coach has experience of working with children and developing their theatrical skills, and is guaranteed to make your drama sessions as lively as possible.

(Please note that the Art/Drama/Sports groups are usually divided into 4 groups by age: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13+

Sample programme

Art/drama Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Drama Art Badminton Tennis Football
2 Hockey Kwik cricket Drama Art Art
3 Rounders Drama Art Danish longball Hockey
4 Art Tennis Rounders Drama Drama

Art/Drama/Sport Programmes run from 9.25am – 4.00pm (can be extended to 8:30am – 5pm everyday)

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