About Us

Paul Acheson launched his first summer camp at Campbell College in 1993. In the past 31 years thousands of children have enjoyed a range of varied and exciting programmes at the Paul Acheson Summer Sports Weeks, with many returning year after year. They have started as Superkids, graduated to the courses for older children, and are now coming back to work for us. In 2024 we are extremely proud to have reached our 32nd year! Our courses also give parents a break during the long summer holiday, in the knowledge that their children are enjoying an active day in a safe and disciplined environment, under the watchful eye of competent staff.
About Us


Our foremost priority is the safety of the children. Our courses take place in a safe and structured atmosphere with high standards of supervision and safety. A maximum ratio of 1:20 applies to the older groups, while the Superkids enjoy a ratio of 1:8, and Super 4s 1:6. We aim to run meaningful courses where children can learn new skills, develop those already acquired, and make new friends. All activities take place in a mildly competitive atmosphere.


The children who attend our courses enjoy the challenge of participating in new and exciting activities, the pleasure of making new friends, and the benefit of lots of fresh air and exercise. They also develop as individuals in so many ways. Their independence grows as they spend time away from home and their parents, and their self-confidence soars as they discover what they can achieve for themselves. They acquire self-esteem as they receive recognition and encouragement from their new friends and staff, and they learn the valuable skills of teamwork, sharing, and the positive side of competition. Above all, they have enormous fun and go home tired but happy.


Paul Acheson has a background in education and broadcasting. He taught English and Drama for 16 years and still carries out substitute teaching.

Paul presented the innovative children’s show, The Wheeker Electric Radio Programme (WERP) for 8 years on Downtown Radio in the 1980s, and he has worked extensively for the sports departments of the BBC and UTV. His sporting background includes being a former captain of both Stranmillis College and East Antrim Hockey Clubs. He also developed a passion for long-distance running and has completed 26 marathons on 5 continents including the city marathons of Belfast, Berlin, Bangkok, Brisbane, Boston and the Big Apple, and finished the legendary 56-mile Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

Throughout the 31 years of summer camp the contribution of Paul's wife Janice as a nurse, adviser and source of absolute dependability has been immeasurable. Their younger son Daniel is now heavily involved in the organisation and implementation of each summer camp.

Paul and Janice Acheson live in Co Down.